Q-What is expected of your player/family?

A- Travel Soccer is a TEAM sport. A full year (Spring/Fall Season) commitment to your TEAM and coaches is expected. That means your player attend each practice, game, and participate in soccer camps and tournaments. Players are expected to be on time and attend both sessions with their own team. It will be expected that parent(s) will facilitate their player’s participation and attend all events relating to games and tournaments with them. Conflicts, such as other sport or social commitments, other than school or religious based, are expected to be resolved in favor of travel team commitments. Once a player commits to the HCFC for the year, the Club will not allow in season/mid-season transfers from our club to another. Players must be committed to HCFC, as we will not “double-card” players.

Q-How often does the team travel?

A- Typically in a 10 game season, ½ of the games are AWAY. Some teams may play in tournaments around the State/Region.

Q-My child has a schedule conflict with practice/games.

A- Hoboken City FC requires players to prioritize team commitments over other activities. Exceptions are school and religious commitments. If your child is scheduled to attend a class trip or to celebrate a first communion/bar mitzvah (for example), notify your team manager before the season begins or as soon as known.

Q-What will the length of the commitment and total cost be to play Hoboken City FC?

A- Acceptance of a roster slot invokes a commitment to a team for 1 year (2 Seasons – Fall & Spring). The fees are approximately $360 per season for Red Bulls Training (approx. $200 for U7 Academy, and some teams cost more because of additional training/league play). There is also a $25 payment made the City of Hoboken. Other expenses vary with age and particular team. Younger teams will typically only incur the cost of training and uniform (if they are new players). There may be additional assessments based on tournament play, winter leagues and off-season training.

Q-Where can I Order the Uniform?

A- Once your player is assigned a Jersey Number, the Official uniform can be ordered through a link to our team store provided by the Club. The Uniform includes two jerseys (HOME white/ AWAY red), shorts, and socks. If your child is a goalkeeper (U12+), add goalkeeper jersey.

Optional Team products are available at the Team Store. Many players purchase the backpack, practice jersey, warm ups, and fan wear.