Q-How often will my player practice during the Season?

A- Practice will depend on the training frequency of the team your player was rostered to. RED teams generally practice 3 times per week, while WHITE and BLUE practice twice a week. All teams play one game a weekend in the Northern Counties Soccer League (www.ncsanj.com).

Q-How long are the practice sessions?

A- Typically, 1 hour for U8 and under and 1.5 hours for U9 and up.

Q-If my player makes a team, when do we find out when the practices will be?

A- In conjunction with the Red Bulls trainers, the Club will finalize team practice times/field schedule over the summer. Practices are held in the afternoons during the week at either 1600 Park or Sinatra Fields. Pre-Season fall training is expected to begin the last week of August.