Q-What is Travel Soccer?

A- Travel is the competitive alternative to HYSL. This means that the level of play is more advanced, and the level of play and development of the players is expected to exceed that of the players who play Hoboken Youth Soccer League. It, however, does not mean that our focus is on winning – the focus is still on player development and fun. It also requires a much higher level of commitment than HYSL soccer. Travel soccer is a full year commitment (2 Seasons – Fall & Spring).

Q-What will the players do at Try-Outs?

A- Potential players will join a scheduled practice with a current team. 

A team of Red Bulls evaluators watch players each day and record a rating on each player. Volunteer evaluators may include current and former HCFC coaches and the HCFC President. 

1. On evaluation day, players are checked in and given a numbered pinnie. That number is the player’s identification for the day. All observations are recorded by pinnie number only on standardized forms. Players are not identified by name or current team. This entire process is repeated for both days of evaluations.

2. Players go through an age-group warm-up and are then randomly divided into smaller groups. Groups report to evaluation activities as instructed.  Evaluators explain the activity and then watch the players for about 10 minutes. Groups then advance to the next game station. Each assessment day is different so it is very important & highly encouraged that each NEW prospective player attends both try-out dates as each day we evaluate on a different component. Players perform a variety of skill and technique based activities, small-sided games and bigger field scrimmages. For example, one try-out day the evaluators will be scoring on individual technique (Pass, Receive (1st touch), dribbling and small sided game play. The other try-out will be evaluated on the Tactical play of a player (Defending, Field awareness & Game play).

3. Each night, the evaluator’s forms are collected from each evaluator and the evaluation data is compiled.

4. HCFC Travel Teams will be notified after May 15th.  

All prospective players must register prior to tryout.


Q-How long are Try-Out sessions?

A- The session will last 1 1/2 hours.

Q-Can parents watch the Try-Out session?

A- Yes. Parents may watch the try outs from the Sinatra field bleachers, but we ask that you avoid contact with your player.

Q-How do the Age Cut Offs Work?

A- Teams are established based on gender/Birth Year at the U-9 and Up levels (U=Under) according to the United States Soccer Federation Birth Year Model for teams.

Teams/Leagues must follow the calendar year age group definitions established by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). US Club Soccer, along with all other youth USSF affiliated members, adopted the USSF mandate. NCSA is a US Club Soccer sanctioned league and therefore NCSA must comply.

Age Group Play Typically, players play at the youngest age level for which they are eligible. However, please note that under current US Club Soccer guidelines a player may "play up" in an age group older than that player's typical age group. (Example: A player eligible for a U13 team can be registered on a U14 or older team.) Under those same guidelines, a player may not play down" to an age group younger than that player's age group. (Example: A player eligible for a U13 team may not be registered to a U12 or younger team.) The check birthdate function produces the typical or youngest age group for that birthdate according to the chart below. PLEASE NOTE: Each club may set its own rules whether a player may be registered in an age group older than typical for that player's birthdate; no club is obligated to allow this even though US Club Soccer allows it.


See Northern Counties Soccer Association birth year chart for details.

Q-My Child wants to be on the same team as their Friend?

A- There are multiple teams within most age groups. Players are assigned roster spots on specific teams based on trainer assessments of the player’s ability and “best fit” on a team. All kids develop at different rates, so players may be moved from one team to another the following year or mid-year at the Coach’s discretion and with the approval of the Travel Club President.

Q-When and how will I find out if my player has made a team?

A- If your child attended the HCFC Try Out, they may be offered a spot on a HCFC team. You will be notified about a spot by early June. The primary means of notification is email so please make sure the email address you listed when you pre-registered is both valid and appropriate. If you have not received notification by early June or have a question about this process, please email the HCFC at hobokencityfc@outlook.com.

Q-What will be expected of my player over the summer?

A- HCFC teams may do some summer training. Many coaches elect to run some limited practices over the period BUT the organization is very aware that family time, down time and vacation is an important aspect of each player’s summer and many of these opportunities are optional. If there is no team training, we would like to see players attending a summer soccer camp (there are many available to work into your summer schedule), and also working on their soccer skills over the period.

Q-What if my child does not make the team?

A- Players not offered a roster spot will be notified by early June.